CannaSystems brings extensive expertise to
the industry with decades of experience.

Our team focus is on the industrial applications needed in the hemp industry.
Developing key technology for the hemp market is our goal.
Expanding the industrial hemp sector is our vision.


Bruce Ryan

Chief Executive Officer & Founder

• Cannabis sector expertise for forty plus years.
• Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance co-founder - 2003 - CHTA member

Bruce has extensive involvement in the cannabis sector including: farming, cultivation, seed breeding, processing and machine technologies required for industrial applications. His personal vision includes 85 million hectares of cannabis cultivated world-wide for all purposes. Bruce is a published writer and media specialist with 10,000+ sector contacts and thousands of followers worldwide.


Ron Larson

Chief Financial Officer

• PriceWaterhouse
• Manulife
• XPrize & NASA CFO

Ron has worked in the financial sector for over 30 years. Chartered Accountant and Insolvency expertise from Price Waterhouse. Ron has IPO and Public Company expertise through Manulife. More recently he was the CFO of X-Prize and NASA rocket business for ten years.


Dave Greer

VP, Sales & Marketing

• Account Manager at Westbury National Show Systems Ltd

Dave brings his many years of expertise in customer relations, sales management, and marketing to our team. He has twenty-five years’ experience in diverse markets with high level creative skills. His interest in hempcrete construction was responsible for joining forces with CannaSystems.


Carl Martel

Research & Development

Carl is an independent scientist who has been researching in the field of industrial cannabis for over a decade. He is formally trained as a geoarchaeologist with degrees in Interdisciplinary Science. Carl’s areas of research include plant carbons for energy storage, green extraction solutions and harvest/processing innovations. His passion is Green Chemistry and Material Biomimetic Innovation Science.


Ruth Shamai

Hemp Industry Connector, Researcher & Writer

Ruth has worked in the hemp industry since the mid-‘90s, and is one of the people who helped legalize hemp in Canada. She was also a petitioner in the landmark case against DEA in 2004 which led to the legalization of hemp in the US, and has been on the boards of several hemp industry associations.

Ruth’s Hemp Foods was a wide and extensively distributed line of hemp-based food. She later turned her attention to organic CBD ingredients, where she is still active. Ruth has an active and abiding interest in hemp fibre, and sees it as key to building the hemp industry and healing the environment.

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