Hemp Growing Guide

Hemp farming is very similar to other broad acre crops.  Fields that grow corn or Canola can grow hemp. Most of the techniques and just plain ol' good farming practices apply to growing hemp.  The better your fields, the better your yields. Typically here in Canada, most of the acreage (98%) is devoted to seed production.  You must have a hemp license from Health Canada and plant "approved" cultivars.  This link will take you to the appropriate place

Hemp is planted and harvested using standard seed sowers and grain combines with suitable headers.  Combine settings and modified headers (to avoid stalk wrapping) are key to a successfull harvest. Standard grain dryers complete the process for long term storage.

Note: this guide does include notes for 'orchard style' CBD crops where the field is planted in 6'x6' arrays. Click on the link below to download the guide.

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