Industrial Hemp Legalization


Over the course of this year, we have heard from every Province and nearly every State with a hemp program in the works. (We are the dot with the white outline in southern Ontario.) Now that the state of Texas has joined the fray, the majority of the U.S. is now "legal", where low THC strains (.3%) can be grown as a farm crop.   As farm operations adopt a "new" crop, we are going to witness the development of an entire supply chain literally from the ground up. This is reaching critical mass.  Articles in Forbes and Business Week demonstrate the potential.  Early adopters will blaze a trail for others to follow. We invite you to work with us and dozens of producers across North America.

A large number of people are interested in the CBD market from industrial hemp cultivars.  This is a different approach compared to typical broad acre planting and is designed to produce a large amount of leaf and flower top material for processing into concentrated CBD resin.  The logistics demand that rapid drying of large quantities of leaf and GMP handling practices are employed.  Waste stalk can be processed by the R-2 machine.

Developing the R-2 system has incorporated engineering design to handle the large diameter hemp stalk from CBD farms.  The machine allows for automatic adjustment on the fly to deal with "trees" with 3" stalk.  This enables a producer to turn all the "waste" into fibre & core for industrial contracts.

Companies using fibre and core materials have tabled requests for large scale annual contracts. Contact us for more details.

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