Industrial Cannabis Hemp

Industrial cannabis (hemp) has a WIDE array of uses.  Some estimate over 25,000 products can be manufactured from this one crop.  

Update: September 2019 Food, clothing, shelter, plastics, fuel and much more.  

R-2 Hemp Processing System turns out 95% fibre yield vs 5% yield - reduces damage by 80%.  Industrial contract inquiries from hemp manufacturing firms: 40 tons per week, 80 tons per week, 10,000 tons for shipment to Europe.  We are reaching out to companies using industrial hemp around the world. New products and new producers are coming into the market.  This document outlines many of the industrial sectors and estimated returns for production of fibre & core materials.

Down the Industry Outreach HERE: 

CannaSystems considers that the most likely market demand for raw hemp fibre, hurd, and grain will come from the following product areas:

1. Fibre for clothing textiles
2. Fibre for biodegradable weed matting
3. Fibre for wool blend materials
4. Fibre for carpets, upholstery and industrial textiles
5. Ropes, baling twine, string
6. Fibre for composites particularly shipping pallets, building components, car parts
7. Fibre and hurd for edible food containers
8. Hurd and fibre for paper and paper & pulp products
9. Hurd for horse bedding and chicken bedding
10. Hurd for various building purposes
11. Seed for future planting or export for planting
12. Seed for cosmetics and food or export for cosmetics and food
13. Hospital bed sheets and bandages
14. Bast fibre carbon nanosheets for electronics & electrical components.
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