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The D-8PLUS engineering and innovation allows us to provide on-shore parts via modern manufacturing.  Duty cycle is on-site lubrication every 20 hours of operating time.  Machines in the field have been operating over 4 years without failure. Critical machine parts are in-stock and can be delivered airfreight within four days to North America.

Partner companies in Ontario and Oregon provide parts as-needed anywhere in North America under extended warranty. D-8plus PDF

Original factory parts fabrication covers every part of our assemblies. Partner firms have the identical CNC specifications for all parts. Direct shipping to customer and technical support is provided.


austenglogoPremiere engineering firm for the design, specifications and fabrication of D-8 technology. Specializing in state of the art projects, Austeng provides advanced machine design and performance: from prototype to full commercial production facilities. Current leading edge projects include nano-materials, geopolymers and carbon fibre technology.

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Textile Composite Industries fabricates the D-8 Plus with Bannockburn Manufacturing and Austeng Engineering. The complete unit w/ conveyors is designed to ship in a standard 20' sea container.  All parts and components required are included with every D-8. It works "out of the box".  

Setup time is approximately four hours - depending on equipment on-site.  Fiber handling system, core and stalk conveyors are attached. Standard PTO & hydraulics operate the farm unit.  Diesel option requires further assembly.

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