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Dear fellow industrial hemp visionary, it was great speaking with you earlier. We are excited at the prospect of providing the most affordable and flexible hemp decorticator available capable of 2 tons per hour throughput.
Having built and tested our R-2 prototype, CannaSystems is building the first 10 R-2s for commercial sale by hand and offering them wholesale direct to the customer. This is a huge opportunity to save 30% off the projected retail price on future R-2s.
Concurrently we are developing a global dealer/distributer network through which future R-2s will be retailed.
As of January 1st, 2023 the wholesale price is $275,000 USD and the MSRP is $400,000 USD. These first 10 R-2s will come with a full parts and labour service warrantee. This means that a cautious customer can rest assured that the R-2 will perform to spec.

R-2 Introductory Video

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