The Alliance Membership is an exclusive opportunity to share knowledge and resources with CannaSystems and other Alliance members.

The Alliance Program

We are offering many other benefits to the Alliance membership to encourage participation at this stage in our development which include a more than 30% discount of the MSRP (currently $225,000 USD vs $330,000 USD) and continued dealer pricing for future purchases.

The Alliance program is a two-way Street, where refinements to the machine can be made quickly with Alliance feedback. Members can also access the connections, contacts, and ancillary processing options through our extensive supply chain database.


The Alliance program is limited to the first ten production machines. It is a collaborative approach to the final refinements of the R-2 decorticator before mass production. Through this program we actively seek input from the Alliance members to make any and all possible refinements to our machine. We have done extensive testing with our prototype and found that it works very well and as described.

There will be situations not foreseen, given that we could not possibly test for every strain of seed or every planting/ harvesting process.  If a given Alliance member finds an issue which we did not foresee in our testing, we will make improvements to the machine through this feedback. These improvements will be made without cost to the Alliance member and the upgrade will be offered free of charge to all other Alliance members.

Alliance Membership is limited.
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