Processing speed:

Variable according to feeding systems and rate: 1 ton/hr up to 4 tons/hr.

100 hp Hydraulic flow 100-150L/minute w/ cooling
15 hp input conveyor
5 hp output conveyors

Sea Container Dimensions:
Height: 2.9m (9.6”) (108”)
Length: 12m (40’) (480”)
Width: 2.43m width (8’) (96”)
Weight: 16,636 kg (30,000 lbs.)

Power Supply

Diesel Genset standard
Electrical option available

  • The R-2 System is equipped with safety rails and cutoff switches. Follow all instructions.
  • The R-2 should always be operated by at least two people.
  • 3 meter (10’) clearance front for material handling.
  • 3 meter (10’) minimum side clearance for material collection / cleaning.


The R-2 is designed to be operated outdoors and the stalk brought to it to manage fibre, core and waste operations.


Always use ear protection and safety clothing when operating the R-2.

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