The R-2 Hemp Stalk Processing System is designed to provide industrial scale bio-fibre and core hurd cellulose materials.

These raw materials are used in a wide array of products. Composites and engineered panels are being designed to increase strength and reduce weight. Some of the current products are shown here: Hempcrete building material for walls, roofing system, Wafer and particle board sheets, Hemp-Fibre Insulation. These are just a few of the modern products being manufactured in today’s market.


Return on Investment

The R-2 Hemp Stalk Processing System generates value for your farm production. The R-2 turns field “waste” into profit: more income from your hemp farm operation. Each acre can produce between four to ten tons per acre. A 200-acre farm may yield 800 tons or more. The value of raw hemp fibre and core hurd products ranges upwards from $250 per ton. The supply chain demand follows bio-fibre production to create products. Consumer products made from natural fibres are increasingly popular in today’s marketplace for all sectors globally.

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