The R-2 Hemp Stalk Processing System enables the harvesting, processing, and decortication of field crops in record time.

It is possible to go from raw green stalk to finished “cottonized” textile grade fibre within days. This fibre can then be processed and spun using standard equipment. Methods of de-gumming the raw fibre allow smooth supply chain adoption for a range of applications from composites to fabrics.

CannaSystems is sourcing new technology and methods for processing and treating hemp fibres and core cellulose material.


Just BioFiber in Alberta, Canada has developed a “hempcrete” block building system that works like Lego®. This innovation meets CSA one-hour fire wall rating. Strength and compression testing show five-story building applications. The blocks integrate both structural and thermal insulation properties. R-values range from R-27 to R-40.

CannaSystems is committed to hemp industry processing technology and methods for integrating hemp fibres in the industrial supply chain.

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