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cannabis hemp fibre processing industry.

Superior product and modern industrial level production are KEY to the market.

The R-2 System can process green or stored raw stalk material, however round baled is preferred. The R-2 will also process retted stalk, though not recommended. Total throughput ranges from one ton per hour up to four tons per hour depending on materials used and any automation which increases the production volume.

The R-2 engineering design developed over the past four years has produced a world class solution over previous technology. Return on capital investment is less than two years with sufficient crop production. R-2 technology works on dry material. Baled crops can be processed by the R-2 unit to extend seasonal machine run time and production value.


The R-2 Hemp Stalk Processing System is designed for a densely planted crop for seed and fibre/ hurd. The crop density planting should be 200 to 300 plants per square metre. This will require 40 to 60 kg of seed per ha, depending on variety grown.

While this machine is not specifically designed for “orchard style” crops with large diameter stalks, we do not expect any problem processing large stalks.

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