Arcadia EcoEngeries is bringing hemp to the modern world. As our alliance partners, we work together to develop the industry.

Arcadia EcoEngeries, Ltd.

One of the partnerships that CannaSystems has formed is with Arcadia EgoEnergies of New Brunswick.  They have a strong commitment to the industrial hemp industry; are focused upon renewal, especially when it comes to their local agricultural community in New Brunswick, and the secondary job market that arises from processed hemp; they possess an environmental consciousness equal to our own.  For centuries hemp has served as a staple crop for food, clothing and shelter.  We are currently offering Arcadia hemp seed on our sales page.

"In the age of increased climate change and a decrease in natural resources, the time has come to embrace a new clean tech industrial approach." ~Frank McMinniman ArcadiaHemp.com

This year Arcadia will significantly increase acreage and production facilities.  We are working to network the opportunities in the Atlantic region.

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Arcadia EcoEnergies - Introduction Video on Vimeo.

“Arcadia Ecoenergies is a cutting edge company in the field of Bio Refinery Technology and has a much needed solution to combat the ever increasing demands we place on our environment.  We want to produce better proteins, omegas, bioplastics, composites and fiber from industrial hemp in New Brunswick. By utilizing the whole plant we can produce all of these things and at the same time sequester up to 12 tonnes of CO2 per hectare.”

Products that are processed from hemp acreage include:

Arcadia EcoEnergies products


Nature's most perfectly balanced oil. Hemp oil has a perfect 3:1 ratio of Omega 6 and 3.  Hemp grain is cold pressed to produce a beautiful green oil with nut like flavors. Cold press is performed at temperatures below 49 degrees Celsius.


Hemp powder or "Hemp Cake" is produced when the oil is removed. Hemp powder is high in protein and has all 20 known amino acids including the 9 essential amino acids.  This is gluten free!


Everyone thinks of clothing and rope, but there are so many products that can be produced using this fiber. One hectare of hemp can replace 4 hectares of wood fiber and it only takes about 100 days to grow!  Separating the long outside fiber from the inner core is called decortication.

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Arcadia EcoEnergies - Harvest Video on Vimeo.


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Arcadia EcoEnergies, Ltd.

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Arcadia EcoEngeries is bringing hemp to the modern world. As our ...


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