New hemp technologies are required for the industrial hemp sector.  We are bringing modern tech - updated Decorticators to the North American market.

Update Spring 2018:

Machine designs that are on the market or coming soon:

P-Z Mobile Decorticator from PowerZone Agricultural

R-2 Decorticator system from CannaSystems

M-6 Ribbon Decorticator from CanFiber

D-8 Decorticator from TextileCompositeIndustries

Weida Zehang decorticator

Bastcore decorticator

New Industrial Hemp Decorticator Systems are requied to process green, partially dried, dried & baled or retted raw hemp stalk material.

The throughput will average from one ton up to five tons per hour with additional automation to further increase the production volume.  Material handling on the farm will also determine processing of source materials.  Hemp decorticator designs developed by CannaSystems, PowerZone, CanFiber, BastCore, Weida and Austeng Engineering in Australia are producing truly world-class solutions compared to previous hammer mill technologies.

Dry baled stalk decortication does require more power than green stalk decortication and affects the output accordingly.

Optional baling equipment or Optional bale rippers can assist with material handling and throughput.  Adding baling systems to the fiber & core output automates the process further.  High volume operations will consider pneumatic handling of core hurd material. (see below).

Modern systems enable scaling of processing technology to meet increasing demand. 

Decorticator systems are designed to put materials straight into the feed conveyor. This provides for a range of options: fresh stalks, round bales or square bales opened & fed to the machine. Return on capital investment is approximately two years with sufficient crop production (approximately 200 acres).

Modern machine technology for processing hemp fiber on-site: green or dried stalk material is separated into fiber and core (hurd) in one pass. Powered by electric or diesel powered hydraulic motors, the unit can be operated at any location. 

Manufacturing companies who would like information on materials, specifications & supply chain are invited to contact us.  We are interested in collaborating with producers and innovators in the sector.

~Bruce Ryan     CannaSystems 416-939-6143 mailto: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 



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