CannaSystems provides over 20 years of expertise and processing technology required to develop the global industrial hemp supply chain.

We have established this Strategic Alliance program to develop the hemp industry supply chain in North America. Hemp producers can now turn bales of stalk into farm income with fast, reliable modern engineering.  From the farm to the factory: our goal is to enable farmers to produce raw materials for manufacturing.  This impacts hemp farmers directly: turning the "waste" stalk into fibre and core which can double the value over the typical seed crop. Producing large volumes of fibre allows manufacturing firms to source hemp materials.  This, in turn, creates green, carbon-negative products for the market.  Developing the supply chain is key to the growth of the hemp sector. Get a copy of the latest brochure information here:R 2Promo640

 Alliance Members receive three major benefits:

1. Processing your existing stalk into fibre & core for industrial contracts.

2. Farm dealer pricing on all equipment from CannaSystems and our network.

3. Access to industrial manufacturing network for annual contracts. 



This link will give you a list of industries and estimates for producing fibre and core materials.


CannaSystems will send you a free sample of the raw hemp output from our decorticator system.

Send us your name and shipping address to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. We will put a package in the mail ASAP.

You will see what a modern decorticator will put out: long fibre suitable for bio-composites and core hurd chips suitable for hempcrete. 

Our objective is to advance hemp sector technology with this Strategic Alliance project across the industry.

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Nationally, cannabis legalization is assisting the Canadian hemp industry by providing incentives in terms of investment and research & development grants. Changes in the cannabis regulations are encouraging many farm operations to consider growing industrial hemp crops. The recent 2018 Farm Bill in the US is serving the same function and is expanding the hemp sector across North America.

This Strategic Alliance is a small group of interested parties who have, or are about to have, an immediate need for industrial hemp decortication solutions. Specifically the alliance is initially focused on the “R-2” mechanical decorticator project as outlined below.  Alliance Members will receive exclusive access to project development and project returns. DOWNLOAD THE ALLIANCE PROJECT HERE.


We are inviting a select group of hemp farm owners, processors, manufacturers and companies to participate in this alliance. Building hemp sector equipment provides the tools and systems to process stalk efficiently into fibre and core material streams for adoption into existing manufacturing operations. We have sourced companies that require tons of materials.

Initally this is limited to 10 Alliance Members in North America.  When the first phase is completed this year, we will offer units to the larger market in 2020.  Alliance Members will generate revenue from their existing hemp stalk. We, in turn, get real-world information on the performance of the R-2 Decorticators. Alliance Members also receive 'farm dealer pricing' on the R-2 Decorticator now and in the future. Forever. This presents the opportunity to ramp up production and/or sell machines into the surrounding market.  Part of this involves showing the R-2 unit to fellow hemp farmers: Everyone asks "Where can I go and kick the tires?"  Prospects who purchase a unit will earn the Alliance Member sales commission accordingly.

First adopters will benefit from turning hemp stalk into valuable product streams. Specialized farm machines to efficiently handle industrial hemp crops are required. Modern harvesting and processing equipment for the industry is under-developed in today’s market. Mechanical decortication equipment, ranging from small stand-alone units to larger stationary and mobile systems, is needed in the sector.  This is KEY to developing the industrial hemp market.  CannaSystems is bringing new systems into the hemp sector.  

Sign-up as a site member on the Contact page to get more details, project status and machine development.  

You can also request information on the Strategic Alliance proposal via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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