Just BioFiber SSR Building Block System

CannaSystems works in partnership with and promotes a wide variety of companies in Canada and the US that are front and center in the industrial hemp industry.  One of the outstanding products that has been developed using hemp is Just BioFiber’s SSR Block construction system.  This revolutionary building system is changing the face of building…while changing the future we’re all facing if we don’t address climate change.

CannaSystems Founder Bruce Ryan talks about their creativity and innovation:  “I simply love the way imagination, design and creative thinking produce new innovations.  Steve Jobs pointed out that DESIGN was an integral part of Apple products.  Beyond designing a new computer, their focus had to include aesthetics beyond the simple interface or computer specs. Humans love beautiful design. This extends to all areas of our collective life - art, sculpture and elegance.  The integration and efficiency of Nature fulfills a major need within our psyche. Our own systems for survival must mimic those of Nature in order for us to create a well-designed, sustainable future.

Just BioFiber SSR Hemp Building Block

“One of the best innovations in the cannabis industry is a Hempcrete building system by Just BioFiber in Alberta, Canada. I was truly impressed: they have devised a building system that solve the problems of making houses out of industrial cannabis (hemp).  The woody inner core (hurd) is used to make blocks similar to typical concrete blocks. These hemp blocks replace concrete cinder with chunks of the core material from cannabis.

“The building system itself is similar to LEGO©; interlocking blocks that can be used to build walls and structures.  This is brilliant.  The usual method of using hempcrete is to erect a wood framework (for stability) and pour a hempcrete wall around the frame.  Tamp down the mixture and pour more into the forms.  Time consuming process.  Hempcrete is not quite like concrete in terms of flow and setting properties.  This novel method casts the blocks in standard sizes with corresponding structural components and wiring runs.

This is a major innovation in the cannabis sector that can be scaled from regional facilities up to international levels. I simply love the way imagination, design and creative thinking produce new innovations.”

From the Just BioFiber website:  "Our vision is to make this world sustainable and enhance the quality of life for all living things.  Our mission is bringing environmental justice to the world of building materials with products that are sustainable and cost effective with benefits for the environment, building owners and builders.  We have developed a unique, renewable, and sustainable building construction system that not only offers cost savings from energy efficiency for building owners and operators, but also addresses climate change by absorbing the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide.  The Super SSR (Structural, Sustainable, R-Value) building system consists of natural fiber construction blocks that are designed to be strong and safe, with excellent thermal qualities that also offer ease of construction and finishing.  The hemp and lime formulation make the Super SSR building material organic and bio-recyclable.

"The structural, modular blocks are designed to be simple and very builder friendly—as easy as building with LEGO©. In addition, the production process of the blocks allows us to capture and reuse heat and water that otherwise would be wasted. How? The carbon dioxide and water from the combustion waste of natural gas is integrated into the fabrication process. Beyond “carbon neutral” the resultant “carbon less-than-zero” building construction materials will significantly reduce energy requirements in buildings for heating and cooling, and lower operating costs. The result is a very affordable building construction system that sequesters more greenhouse gas than is emitted in its production, all with very low embodied energy.

"Because of the patented design and material qualities, the Super SSR blocks produce safe, strong buildings that will protect you from wind, rain, snow, heat, cold, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, insects, mold and even fire. Super SSR blocks are not just exceptional building materials, they also promote green building, green living and environmental justice."1

The Harmless Home using Just BioFiber SSR Building Block System

Just BioFiber was featured on Global News Canada for building what has become known as “The Harmless Home” in Sooke, just outside of Victoria.

"Harmless Home" Sooke, Victoria, Just BioFiber Hemp Building Blocks


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