Modern machine technology designed for the industrial hemp sector is sorely needed in the market.  Since hemp (cannabis) became outlawed, the entire hemp industry missed the industrial revolution. As farm technology, materials technology and manufacturing technology advanced rapidly, industrial cannabis was largely ignored.  This has served to cripple development as the existing market is very small. Here in Canada we grow 38 million acres of canola.... and a mere 130 thousand acres of cannabis.  Here in Ontario, we grow 3 million acres of corn but just 3 thousand acres of hemp.  

Companies that manufacture farm equipment are simply not interested in a tiny market segment. It's not worth spending the R&D money, the engineering time and fabrication costs to develop a machine that just a few farmers will buy in a small market.  This may change in the next five years.... once the acres grown reach critical mass.  In the meantime, the hemp sector has a problem: how to process the stalk materials.  

Bringing modern technology to the cannabis fibre processing industry in North America. Higher yields, superior product & modern industrial level production are KEY to this market. R-2 technology works on dry material to extend seasonal machine run time and production valueThe R-2 system is designed to processes baled & stored (round baled is preferred) raw stalk material. R-2 will also process retted stalk. Total throughput ranges from one ton per hour up to four tons per hour depending on automation which increases the production volume. R-2 engineering design developed over ten years has produced a world class solution over previous technology.

Estimated return on capital investment is under two years with sufficient crop production. 

We will be delivering R-2 processing machines to farms across North America this year.  UnitDelivery

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