The R-2 Decorticator

The R-2 is a revolutionary take on the first stage of the overall process to turn hemp stalk into durable goods.

The R-2 Helical Decorticator

 Fast, reliable and pays for itself in less than two years.

No other system like it … ANYWHERE!


Profitable serving as little as 250 acres

Processes at least 2 tons per hour.

Delivers as much useable raw material from the stalk as possible.

can be mobile or permanently installed.

Operates on either diesel or electricity.

Processes retted or dry stalk easily.

Uses approximately 15Kwh or three litres of diesel fuel per ton of stalk processed.

Proprietary technology is gentle on the fibre and hurd outputs.

Unequalled Flexibility

Produces fibres up to 4 ft long.

 This makes the R-2  ‘future proof’ as fibres can always be cut to desired length as changes occur

Dry, retted or even green, the R-2 is a capable solution.


The R-2 Helical Decorticator system produces high quality fibers for manufacturing purposes. No delays or uncertainty with typical field retting. This technology produces superior bio-fibers comparable to modern materials.


Increased yield and reduced costs compared to traditional methods. The R-2  generates  more income from your hemp farm operation.

Stand alone turnkey solution.

With the integral diesel generator, the R-2 is a complete self powered system.  Put it on a flatbed trailer and take it farm to farm!

It is also available with a transformer as well allowing for greener operation when connected to an industrial electrical supply.  60Hz and 50Hz versions available. Multple voltages for a global market too.

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