Meet The Team

Bruce Ryan

CEO & Founder

Bruce has extensive involvement in the hemp sector including farming, cultivation, seed breeding, processing and machine technologies required for industrial applications.

Duncan Horne

COO & Founder

Duncan, has a technical background in mechanical and electrical engineering. He has a BA in Political Studies and has Green Building Leed accreditations. He has started multiple successful start-ups in the  industry.

Dave Greer

VP, Sales & Marketing

Dave brings his many years of expertise in customer relations, sales management, and marketing to our team. He has twenty-five years’ experience in diverse markets with high level creative skills.

Ruth Shamai

Hemp Industry Connector

Ruth has worked in the hemp industry since the mid-‘90s and is one of the people who helped legalize hemp in Canada. She was also a petitioner in the landmark case which led to the legalization of hemp in the US.