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From the Farm to the Factory - Industrial Hemp Supply Chain


Our mission is to grow the industrial cannabis industry and provide world-class systems, technology and processing equipment. Research and development in this sector is reaching 'critical mass'. Mechanical decorticators allow green or baled separation of fiber and core matericals.

Our Vision

Circular Economy engages business, production and consumer choices with eco-friendly options. A green industrial evolution using cannabis/hemp for food, clothing, shelter, fuel and capturing carbon. We see 85m hectares as a solution to rising CO2 levels. Creating essential products via agriculture .


Separation of hemp materials into fiber and core is critical to the industrial development in the sector.

We have the systems that do this essential function. Processing techniques and Machines from around the world are part of our strategy.

Circular Economy

Integrating hemp into the industrial supply chain.

Our goal is to provide systems that enable large-scale manufacturing using 'bio-fibers', hempcrete, bio-plastics, textiles and more. Cannabis can produce a wide array of products with modern technology and mechanical decorticators that serve the core supply chain requirements.

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